•• Update – this reward is available now as part of the Forester VJ pack ••

This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is Forester Axis 🌲 A sequel to last month’s Forester reward. Check it out:

Available On Patreon

Forester Axis is a set of 6 VJ clips, in 1080p & 2160p DXV. It includes 2 clips that are roving around powered axis trees and 4 element-clips where the trees have transparent background so you could compose them in magnificent ways. It’s available now and until 31st August to fans who support us on Patreon.

Fans also get a Resolume Arena project that includes those magnificent composed elements pre-made for you. This is the project where I test different looks and effects – and it seems to help you guys dig deeper into what can be done inside Arena.

In case you’re curious as to how these clips were created you should check last month’s post – where I described how I created Forester in Unreal Engine.

That’s it folks! I already got an idea for next month’s reward and it’s going to be so much different than Forester ))

Amaze them! 🤘