Flashy Flashy In Resolume Arena

We visualizers are suckers for anything flashy – and if it flashes on the beat it’s even better, right? 

That’s exactly what you’re about to learn today ))

Stumbling upon something big

During a late-night session, playing inside Resolume with the OrnaMental II Element clips and trying to compose a creature out of them, I noticed that moving the levels slider creates a really beautiful flash of light that’s sweeping on the clip. I had the Bloom effect active and because the Levels effects tweaked the white in just the right amount it bloomed so pretty. I love these moments when I suddenly get this surge of electricity all over my body – realizing that I just found a cool new way to use existing visuals and that if I’m right (that is, if the other clips are going to react the same way to the levels + bloom), this is going to be a killer look.

With a bit of shaky hands I copied the effect stack to the next clip and found out that the outcome is beautiful, too. I continued adding part to the creature and stacked the same effects on all 4 of the clips. 

Now I wanted to make the flashes of light pulse in different timings – and did that by changing the envelope animation on each of the clips. I turned on the volume and went into full screen to marvel at the outcome. 

I recorded the screen and shared it instantly to my story on Instagram & Facebook. I got so many hearts and DM’s from you guys – and one thing became very obvious – this technique must be shared with the VJing community ASAP.

•• Update – here’s an addon to the original tutorial – showing what you can do when you combine the Light-flashes with the Delay feature of the Radial Cloner effect: 

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Sometimes the best things happen when you just open Resolume and play around a bit.

I hope that you’ll adopt these technique, make it flash on the beat in different timings and that it’ll Amaze your audience & clients and book you more shows.

I used clips from the OrnaMental II pack and you can find it on our Shop.

Amaze them! 🤘