Expanse VJ Pack Released

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It’s live! After too-long of a render time, zipping, uploading, re-checking & list-managing these 80+ loops in 3 different resolutions (and 3 different Resolume Compositions) We can safely say that it’s ready for you.

So, here it is in all it’s glory:

The Concept

The Expanse VJ pack is our take on creating Visual Illusions – making your flat screens look like they have depth. These Illusions are made by using Lights & Shadows – when what seemed to be a flat wall or screen is starting to expand inwards and  reveal one of 4 different scenes.

The scenes we created are: Samoan Mask, Egyptian Ankh, Sacred Yantra & Gothic Cathedral. All are connected by a Tribal Thread – and use symbols and motifs from the Tribal mythology to communicate with your audience on a sub-conscious level. 

Here’s a preview of all the pack’s loops, one after another:

What's inside

So, more than 80 VJ loops divided into 4 scenes – each scene contains Full-Screen clips & Element Clips.

Full-screen Clips

The Full-screen Clips are the ones that create that depth illusion effect. They show the entire scene with Light & Shadows. Here a breakdown of the Full-screen clips in each scene: 

  • A Main clip that’s 64 sec long and follows this animation: it begins as a flat wall, then its parts start to expand inwards – revealing the particular scene. Then some parts move and an opening is created – a light orb appears and moves around in the scene – lighting it’s intricate details. It ends when then light disappears and everything contracts back to that flat wall. 

Next, we made 4 additional Full-screen clips to help you take the scene and play around with your audience:

  • A Tease Clip – where some parts of the wall expand outwards and immediately fold back – so you could build-up curiosity in your audience before you trigger the min loop.
  • The Wave Clip – where a sort of ‘Wave’ goes through the scene and emphasizes its depth.
  • The Beat Clip – where everything is moving inwards and outwards on the beat.
  • The Lights Clip – made for those moments when you want everything to be dark, only the scene lights-up with a beaming light – this is a great time to relax and prepare for that beat drop.

Material Variation

These 5 Full-screen clips are available in a different material, too – a Darker look with colorful inner parts. Cause sometimes you wanna be able to adapt to different screen setups or event styles. Or you wanna use the Mask Mode on Resolume the way I show it here: Mask Mode in Resolume

Element Clips

Each scene is made of many different parts, right? So, we took these parts, separated them on a transparent background – into Elements. These Elements will give you the freedom to compose your own scenes, to weave one scene into another, and to mix it with your own visuals.

60fps for a smoooth feel

The pack is rendered in 60fps – so you can slow down each clip and let the viewers see it in greater detail, ideal for corporate events or chill-out stages.

60fps means it’s also double the wight of a 30fps pack. So we made it available in 30fps, too, in case you are short on storage space and computer resources. The 30fps versions are available for 1080p & 720p and will be supplied to you on demand, in addition to the 60fps pack.

Optional Resolume Composition

We also prepared an optional Resolume composition – for you, busy VJs, that prefer having everything laid-out on 4 different decks – with many variations made from the elements and arranged into Columns that you can trigger in one-click or mix between the layers live.

The decks are available for you when you purchase the pack with Resolume Composition: Included

Deck-creation Tutorials

In case you’d like to create decks for this pack on your own, or create decks for any visuals you already have, I recorded the Deck-creation session for the Samoan & Ankh scenes.

These sessions are full length videos of the thought-process & work-process I go through whenever I create decks for shows. It’s only slightly edited and the reason for that is to let you see not only how I create variations but also why create them.

Watch the creation of the Samoan Deck & Ankh Deck now.

Ok, I hope that by downloading & testing the free sample loops of the Yantra & Samoan scenes, and by watching the 80+ loop previews, along with the Mask Mode, Samoan & Ankh Tutorials – you are now able to understand in fully how the Expanse pack can work for you – how fun it will be to mix it, how amazed will your audience be and, of course, how satisfied will your booking client be – and satisfied clients are the ones that book you again. and again.

The Expanse VJ Pack is available now on our Shop. Be the first one to be playing it in your town.