Expanse In Action

Photo by Tina Anderson - VJ Label

The Expanse VJ pack has just been released and we already got a few videos from you, awesome VJs, showing how you are using the pack to Amaze your Audience (and clients). 

Watch these videos and get inspired, and if you have videos of the Expanse pack in action – send them over, we might add them up here.  

Tina Anderson - VJ Label, Russia.

Watch how Tina used the Gothic scene as a backdrop for a rap show, and how she used the Samoan & Yantra scenes for a Psytrance event.

Check out VJ Label’s Facebook page & Website for more info & videos from their shows.

Matt Knotts, Digital Windowpane, USA.

Watch how Matt used the Gothic scene to Visualize a ‘Desert Dwellers’ Show.

Check out Digital Windowpane’s​ Facebook page for more info & videos from their shows.

Dorian Natan - VJ Masterdamus, Israel.

Watch how Dorian used the Samoan & Yantra Scenes to play on a Mapped Stage in a Psytrance event in Israel.

Check out VJ Masterdamus Facebook page & YouTube channel for more info and videos of his shows.

Harish Kumar - VJ Harish, India.

Watch how Harish used the Yantra scene to map a huge Dam in India and the Ankh scene is blasting in a Psytrance event.

You can find more info about Harish ​on his Instagram Account & Facebook Profile.  

Receiving videos from you is so satisfying )) We create the pack in solitude and imagine how it’ll look in different setups. We spend months with it, building it to be as modular as it can be, as flexible as possible. And then, one clear day, it’s ready – our work is done and it’s your turn to shine. Watching how you mix Expanse in your own style and the creative ways you use it, brings a big silly smile to our faces.

We love you <3  Keep on creating amazing visual experiences for them innocent souls out there.