This month’s Patreon reward dives further into the DeusX theme:

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DeusX II VJ loops featuring seven VJ loops and six elemental loops with transparent backgrounds for flexible mixing. The elemental loops feature DeusX against a transparent setting, serving as flexible elements for the development of further loops.

The bonus Resolume Arena project (v7.18) leverages the six elemental loops to generate numerous visual styles, utilizing effects and transformations such as cloners, mirrors, and terrain. For a guide on crafting with the Resolume Arena project, view the short video overview below.

Resolume Arena Project

The elemental loops of the character have been creatively employed to form various character arrangements, such as trimurti. By playing another loop in a random sequence and incorporating a cloner that also operates randomly, this method crafts a dynamic, hectic visual. Additionally, cloners facilitate the formation of ring arrays, making the character orbit around a planet. The use of hue variations demonstrates the ease of aligning colors with an event’s lighting or theme, showcasing the adaptability and range of visual effects achievable with simple adjustments.

Creation Process

Following the previous post on DeusX’s character creation, this reward includes new terrain plates that encircle DeusX and form the backdrop planet. These terrains were crafted using Gaea, a node-based terrain-creation software. Despite being new to Gaea, the free community edition met all my needs for this project.

To achieve seamless terrains, essential for later movement, I utilized Gaea’s “Seamless” node, as demonstrated in this tutorial. The exported height map initially presented minor seam issues when used to create a Landscape in Unreal Engine, a workaround was found by processing the map through C4D, using a displacer deformer to create a mesh, and then importing this mesh into Unreal Engine.

The creation of the planet utilized a different height map from Gaea, shaped with the “Island” node. This technique, inspired by a tutorial, crafted a block of terrain encircled by water. In C4D, I applied the height map to a material, which then served as a displacement map on a sphere, inspired by this tutorial.

What's Next?

Could be another DeusX piece, or maybe something new, like a mech creature?

Let me know if me sharing the creation process has helped you in any way, by emailing [email protected] or DM me on Patreon / Facebook / Instagram.

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