This month’s Patreon VJ loops reward is DeusX – bow to its greatness:

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DeusX VJ loops feature a newly formed demigod exploring its newfound powers. The collection includes five VJ loops and six element loops of DeusX, emphasizing levitation, free falling, and experimental body stretching. The element loops showcase DeusX on a transparent background, serving as versatile building blocks for creating additional loops.

The bonus Resolume Arena project (v7.18) maximizes the six elemental loops, creating a plethora of looks by incorporating effects and transformations like cloners, mirrors, terrain, etc. Watch the video overviewing the Resolume Arena project creation below for a more in-depth understanding.

Resolume Arena Project

The six elemental loops were utilized to craft new visuals, featuring rotations that give the impression of sideways hovering and synchronized background rotations. Apply the background loop with a Terrain effect to create a tunnel-like loop. Cloners introduce a psychedelic aspect, offering superfans a starting point to create their own loops with the element loops.

Creation Process

Continuing the exploration of my recent favorite character theme, I delved into Epic’s Metahuman characters. The inspiration came from my recent experience with Daz3D’s character on the BodyForm reward, where the character’s skin didn’t move realistically along with the bones.

Epic’s Metahuman Creator proved user-friendly, and after watching tutorials, I created the character by blending existing ones. Stripping away hair, facial features, eyebrows, and clothing for a minimalist look.

I began with a free-falling pose. Unreal Engine’s Metahuman rig facilitated easy adjustments, and I added background rocks with upward movement to enhance the falling sensation.

To impart a less human and more god-like appearance, I applied a gray metallic look using Substance Painter after exporting the character from Unreal Engine.

Here’s the tutorial that helped me transfer the metahuman out of UE, into Substance Painter, repaint it and bring it back to UE.

For added animation, I envisioned the character being controlled by an external power, twitching between poses like a puppet. I encountered rig issues, switching from Inverse Kinematics to Forward Kinematics for smoother animations.

Additional animations were created for a sitting levitation pose with cloth simulation in Cinema 4D.

To conclude the reward, I fine-tuned minute details such as blinking eyes and finger movements, offsetting the animations in order to make them less keyframed-robotic like.

I rendered the VJ loops and then duplicated the levels, removed the background and volumetric lights, and rendered out the elemental lopos on transparent background.

What's Next?

Another DeusX reward is likely in the pipeline, exploring more captivating activities for our semi-deus protagonist.

For inquiries, feedback, or just to say hi, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] or DM me on Patreon / Facebook / Instagram.

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