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Cyber Monday Sale 2017

November 27, 2017

•• Update ••  The Cyber Monday Sale is over by now

The Black Friday Weekend Sale is closing up with this Cyber Monday 24h Sale. This would be your last chance (next one would be in approximately 360 days) to get our VJ packs at this obscene 50% rate.

Cyber Monday Sale ends in:


Cyber Monday Promo Video

As opposed to Black Friday’s Promo – where I had little to no inspiration (is the word Black inspiring to you?) and just tweaked an OrnaMental loop, for Cyber Monday I had an immediate idea.

Check out this little Promo video I made to visualize this sale:

Curious to know how was this Video made?

Since the release of the OrnaMental Tutorial Many of you had asked me to explain how was the OrnaMental pack made. I’m considering doing a Video Tutorial explaining exactly that (tell me in the comments below if you’d like me to do that) and meanwhile, just in case you are wondering how was this Promo Video made – here is a short breakdown


I love anything that has Cyber scent to it, and promoting our Cyber Monday Sale gave me the opportunity to bring to life an image that kept appearing in my mind – one of a CPU that sends pulses of energy throughout its circuit board.

Time constraints, anyone?

Not having “too much time” before a show is a typical VJ constrain, (daa!) and being occupied with the release of the newly redesigned website (just in time!) kept me from overthinking about what can be done. So when the moment came, (the website was live, Black Friday’s Promo Video was done and emails were sent) I was eager to move on and create that Cyber Monday Promo Video. I had 2 days – so, no time for fooling around 

Creating the Cyber Monday Promo video

Made entirely in After Effects using Video Copilot’s awesome free plugin “Saber” I started with the concept of a CPU that sends out the signal of the Cyber Monday sale over its circuit.

The CPU box and first Circuit Line

Started with a square shape layer in the middle as the CPU, I then added a solid layer and, using the Pen Tool, drew one of the circuit lines to the right & applied the Stroke Effect. Now I had a line made. Then I duplicated this layer, removed the Stroke effect & applied the Saber effect on that same mask, then animated the pulse.

Creating further circuit lines

Once I had this first circuit line animated, I duplicated all of its layers and drew a new path to replace the original path – thus creating a new circuit line. I copied this path to replace the original path in the Saber layer, too, and  the new Circuit Line was ready & pulsing

When I had all of the 8 circuit lines on the right side ready and pulsing I went and pre-composed them into a separate composition, then duplicated it 3 times and placed the copies on the other 3 circuit sides.

Adding variations

It was looking good, but I didn’t like the fact that all of the pulses came out of the CPU at exactly the same time – so I went into the lines composition and shifted the pulses to start at different timings.

The text inside the CPU's box

Then I want on to make the text inside the CPU’s square: I found a Cyber styled font, and made the Cyber Monday text. I wanted the discount percentage to have a “Load” animation and found this Short Tutorial on YouTube showing how to use an expression to make the numbers move.

Ready. Kind of.

At this point everything was kind of done and I could export the video and release it. But, as the saying goes: “God is in the details” and I felt I could add some more character and edge to the video if I were to add a fast reversed animation that will “suck” the energy back to the core and will create a loop. Did that and then added some sound effects to emphasis the pulse. it was nice but too “Clean” or “Sterile” so I added another one of Video Copilot’s effect: the Twitch effect. Added some more Sound effects to fit the twitch look and this was it.

Time (and time again)

I estimated it will take me an hour or so, and indeed the basic look took an hour to be made. But the final touches: finding the right timings of the energy pulses, adding some twitches, adding the sounds effects etc… took some more time to finish.

(I found that I tend to underestimate the time it will take. I guess “lying” to myself makes it easier for me to commit to a project, after all – “this will be a piece of cake to make!” is easy to start with)

Have you read this far?

I hope this little breakdown gave you some insight (and didn’t break you down). If you didn’t understand the whole of it you can ask questions in the comments below, and if we’ll have repeated requests I (might) make a video tutorial, as well.

Live long and prosper, you visual freaks. And if you are serious about VJing and about creating a show the viewers will not forget (and will talk about) – consider adding, in addition to the abstract Visuals you already play, some Theme Visuals. We have some of our own on the shop ツ

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