Free Steampunk Countdown To 2022

•• TLDR download the free Countdown to 2022 clip on our Free Loops Collection. Get the Resolume Composition, too ••

Continuing the tradition we started in 2019, we’re giving you again a Steampunk-styled countdown – this year to 2022. Download it on our Free Loops Collection.

Heads-up: we’ll remove this free loop once the NYE is gone. We’ll create another countdown to 2023 in December next year.

Free Countdown Resolume Composition

You can download a Resolume composition we created – inside you will find Resolume Composition the original master countdown clip, as well as trimmed parts of the master clip that can spice-up your performance – by mixing these clips along the rest of your performance and bring to the awareness of your audience that… Yo! It’s 2022!

You’ll find compositions for Resolume Arena v6 & v7, so use the appropriate one.

How To Use The Countdown

Check out this tutorial, (recorded in 2019) to learn more about what you can do with the countdown & composition & trimmed clips.

Expanding the Steampunk Vision Theme

We originally planned to give this countdown to those who purchased the Steampunk Vision packs – as an expansion to the steampunk theme. Then we just couldn’t keep it so secluded – and ran to tell everyone about it ))

In case you’ll ever consider adding the Steampunk Vision & Steampunk Vision II VJ packs to your collection of visuals – know that you’ll have this countdown over the next years and you could create a Steampunk themed NYE event in no-time and take your audience on a retro-futuristic experience.

Mix It With Other Steampunk Vision Free Clips

We’re giving free sample loops from the Steampunk Vision and Steampunk Vision II VJ packs – try mixing them together with the countdown to expand the Steampunk Theme.

2022 is breaking through! We hope it’ll be a steamy & energetic year for all of us! Let’s keep on amazing our audience! 🤘