Free Steampunk Countdown To 2021

•• Skip all the mambo jumbo and download the free Countdown to 2021 clip on our Free Loops Collection. Oh, and the Resolume Composition, too ••

The New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and, as we did in 2019 & 2020, we’re giving you a free Steampunk Vision Countdown to 2021. Download it on our Free Loops Collection.

Again, it was weird to open an archived project from last year, and try to figure how the counter machine was built, but I’m not gonna repeat last year’s joke about the counter machine being rusty – cause this time we greased it with a lot of oil before archiving it ))

Heads-up: we’ll remove this free loop once the NYE is gone. We’ll create another countdown to 2022 in December next year.

Free Countdown Resolume Composition

There’s nothing better than saving time and getting more bed for the bunk, right? You can save time by downloading this Resolume Composition that includes the original master countdown clip, as well as ‘accents’ of this clip – these are shortened parts of the master clip that you can use after the countdown moment (and throughout the night) – to remind people what the occasion is (it’s NYE, yo!).

You get the composition for both Resolume v6 & v7, so use the one that matches your version.

Countdown Resolume Tutorial

You can watch this tutorial, (originally recorded for the year 2019) and understand more about how to use the composition, play the countdown clip and blast the ‘accent’ clips.

Expanding the Steampunk Vision Theme

This Free Clip was meant to be a bonus to those who purchased the Steampunk Vision packs – as they can mix it with elements from the packs and really build something spectacular – a Steampunk World.

But, once we created it, we felt it could benefit so many more of you – cause the world wants awesome countdowns and that what it should get!

Check out the Steampunk Vision & Steampunk Vision II VJ packs – they can help you create a spectacular show that people will remember and talk about, plus, you will have this bonus countdown to expand the theme next year, as well.

Other Free Steampunk Loops

You can download sample loops from the Steampunk Vision and Steampunk Vision II VJ packs – and they will mix really well with this Countdown Clip.

Alright! We hope that you’ll have a blast this NYE, whether it’s live-scream in the club or live-stream on the interwebz… Amaze them!

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