Free Steampunk Countdown To 2020

•• Last Update 03.01.2020 – the New Years Eve is behind us and this Countdown is not available for download anymore. We will offer a similar Countdown to 2021 on December 2020. ••

The New Year’s Show is coming… again! Last year, we gave you a free Steampunk Countdown to 2019, and you guys really liked it.

So we thought – why not give it again? All we need to do is push the digits a bit further – until it reaches the year 2020, right?

Wrong! The counter was stuck cause we didn’t use it a whole year. We had to apply a slimy-keyframe-grease & push the steam-pressure up to 244fps(!) before the gears, reluctantly, agreed to move.

But seriously, I had to re-familiarize myself with the project I built a year ago. I fired-up After Effects, loaded the project from last year, reconnected the right objects inside the Element 3D plugin and, using the Auxiliary channel, tweaked the digits to show the year 2020.

Exported it in DXV & HAP with Alpha Channels and it’s ready for you to download on our Freebies page.

We will remove this clip after the New Years Eve – so download it right now, or forever hold your peace (well, at least until 2021😉).  

Free Countdown Resolume Deck

This year you get a Resolume deck, as well. Last year, I made a tutorial – showing the different variations you can make from this single clip. But hey, you’re a busy-bee, so in order to save you time, we prepared that Tutorial-deck for you to Download.

The deck contains shorter variations to the full-length clip – you can play these visual-bites after the countdown is over, throughout the night, and remind people where and when are they at.

Watch the short tutorial from last year – to see exactly How & What you can do using this clip.

An Overview of the Clip's Animation:

You’ve got 60 seconds of countdown, then during the next 36 seconds, the counter opens up, the gears and numbers start spinning rapidly until they slow down and fixate on the new king: 2020. Then the Counter spins 360 degrees and the clip ends.

•• Don’t forget to configure the clip to not loop or else it will start playing again from the beginning  ••

Creating Variations

It’s always nice to ‘wrap’ your show with themed elements – these elements come and go throughout the night – giving the event it’s character. You can create these themed elements by making variations to this clip (watch the tutorial above to see exactly how)

Some variations could be:

  • Looping back and forth the closing & opening of the Counter – to the beat.
  • Looping the counter while it displays 2019 and bouncing it on the beat using the scale parameter.
  • Looping back and forth that 360 spin.
  • Looping the counter back and forth while it remains open. 
  • Using Cloners to create weird shapes.

And more…

An Expansion to the Steampunk Theme

In case you already got the Steampunk Vision ISteampunk Vision II Packs you should be thrilled: You can build wonderful compositions by adding elements such as the Spiral Clock, Smoke Loops, Pistons, Hammers and more, and deliver an enchanting experience to your audience before, during and after the countdown to 2020.

If you are interested in adding the Steampunk Vision packs to your Visual collection you can get them on our shop: Steampunk Vision I & Steampunk Vision II.

OK, wishing you a smooth and flowing show this New Year’s Eve! Happy New Year ))