Free Steampunk Countdown To 2019

•• TLDR: Get this Free, Steampunk-style, Countdown to 2019, watch a short Tutorial showing how use this clip & download it on our Freebies page ••

Every year the same story: That New Year’s Eve show is around the corner and you are still looking for an Amazing Countdown to welcome the New Year with a Bang.

Well, this year, search no more! We made this Steampunk-styled Countdown for you to blast those eyeballs with mechanical wonders.

Just download it, trigger it exactly a minute before the year ends and prepare to kiss your beloved Light Jockey when the counter hits 00:00.

But, before we get carried away, here’s a preview of that Countdown:

Tutorial? For a Clip?

Watch a short video tutorial showing you exactly How & What you can do using this clip (cause reading can hurt your eyes!).

Let's Summarize

You’ve got 60 seconds of countdown, then during the next 36 seconds, the counter opens up, the gears and numbers start spinning rapidly until they slow down and fixate on the new king: 2019. Then the Counter spins 360 degrees and the clip ends.

•• Don’t forget to configure the clip to not loop or else it will start playing again from the beginning  ••

Creating Variations

You can create variations from this clip to be used throughout the night – and remind people where (and when!) they are.

Some variations could be:

  • Looping back and forth the closing & opening of the Counter – to the beat.
  • Looping the counter while it displays 2019 and bouncing it on the beat using the scale parameter.
  • Looping back and forth that 360 spin.
  • Looping the counter back and forth while it remains open.

You get the idea, right?

“Just download it, trigger it exactly a minute before the year ends and prepare to kiss your beloved Light Jockey when the counter hits 00:00.”

An Expention to the Steampunk Theme

In case you already got the Steampunk Vision I or Steampunk Vision II Packs you should be thrilled: You can build wonderful compositions by adding elements such as the Spiral Clock, Smoke Loops, Pistons, Hammers and more, and deliver an enchanting experience to your audience before, during and after the countdown to 2019.

Well, that’s about it for today. I hope we could ease some of the preparations you have to go through before the Big Night.

Remember to rehearse for the countdown moment & to press the right button in the right timing. (You can drink after the countdown, right?)

You can do it! Oh, and… Happy New Year everyone!

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Are you about to use this clip in your New Year’s Eve Performance? Tell me all about it, in the comments below