Coronavirus Free VJ Loops

Have your plans changed due to the Corona Virus outbreak? Our plans have changed, too, and to get some steam out we created a few Corona Virus Free VJ Loops for all of us. 

In case you’re still performing here are three VJ Loops that will get your performance relevant in no-time, for the rest of us, this isolation at home is a good time for sharpening our skills and maybe making a few spells. Download these VJ Loops, add them to your VJing software and start mixing them – while burning a few incense sticks, sacrificing your mouse to the Corona gods, and chanting ~ Corona-no, corona-go ~ maybe it’ll help and we’ll all be back in action in a couple of weeks.

Use the time at home to get better at VJing! We got plenty of VJing Tutorials that’ll help you sharpen your VJing skills and amaze them when it’ll all be over.


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm

Share these Free Coronavirus VJ Loops and make it viral…