Beat Bot VJ Clips

This month’s VJ clip reward for our supporters on Patreon is the Beat Bot machine parts. Check it out:

Available On Our Patreon Membership

The Beat-Bot Patreon Reward is a set of 5 VJ clips, in 1080p DXV with Alpha transparency.

You also get a Resolume project file where I created many variations to the original clips and organized them into sets of Bot-machines (as shown on the video above). You can trigger whole columns for an awesome Beat-Bot look or trigger separate clips from different columns to create other looks. Of course, there are many more variations that you can create – inspect the variations I made to learn how to apply effects and create your own variations.

These clips will be available on Patreon for 3 months only – so make sure you join today and download them to your local machine.

Here’s a bit about the inspiration and creation process:


As a kid, I was fascinated by Machines – seeing pistons in action was mesmerizing to me. Later on, I fell in love with the Drums, had drumming lessons and was the drummer in a high-school band. When I started VJing, I realized that VJing can, in a way, be like drumming clips to the beat. Like a drumming machine. It all connected.

Feedback Loop

Then in 2005, one morning after a VJing performance (a psytrance festival in Kragujevac, Serbia), a guy who realized I was the one doing the visuals, got his eyes lit-up and his hands moving in a very precise fashion – trying to explain how connected with the music he felt when he saw the bot-machine I was beat-mixing the night before. We were both on acid – so I remember his energy and awe very vividly. It all kept on connecting.

That bot-machine I was playing was originally a part of a movie scene that I cut into pieces and visually-drummed away. I didn’t know at the time how to create visuals of my own – but the machine inside me was running strong.

I Got The Power!

When I started making 3D animation, I finally had the ability to assemble machines in 3D space, carefully position them to create VJ clips – and VJ mix them together. The Steampunk Vision packs are great examples of how I brought together my love for machines and a unique Theme – that was a perfect fit for it.

Making The Beat Bots

These Beat-Bot clips were tests I made while trying to find the right look and style. They’re made inside After Effects with the Element3D plugin. The basis are machine parts from the Motion Design 2 pack by Video-copilot. I then added colorful primitive shapes and parts that were modeled with extruded masks – in order to make it playful and styled for the big screens.

The clips worked well and I was planning on making a whole pack of these Beat-Bots but never got to it. Happy to release it to the world now – as part of the Patreon Membership plan. I hope that one day, in the near future, a guy in a festival will reach out to you expressing the total connections he just had to the music by watching how you mixed these Beat-bot clips.

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