Aztec Skull VJ Clip

•• Update: This VJ clip reward is now part of the Visual Bites VJ pack ••

This month’s VJ clip reward on Patreon is the Aztec Skull. Check it out!

Available On Patreon

Aztec Skull is a set of 9 VJ clips, in 1080p & 2160p DXV with Alpha transparency. It incl. 8 VJ clips of a Skull, in different animations and angles – allowing you to compose many different looks. The 9th clip is a background that you can compose on.

Different Clips For Different Tweaks

The set starts with a “reveal” clip – where light shines on the Skull x4 times in x4 different ways. This clip is ideal to be used in the “break” part of the music where everything is dim and dark, the skull seems like it appears out of the darkness and merges perfectly with the environment.

It continues with 3 different animations of the skull: one where the skull glows on the beat, one where it headbangs on the beat and one where it laughs. Each animation got two clips/angles – One frontal Skull and Two sideway Skulls. The last Skull clip is a 360 degrees rotating skull.

Having the Skull in several animations and angles allows for easy compositing and the creation of many looks. For instance, one frontal headbanging skull on top of two skulls that are laughing, can create a beautiful 3-skull formation. 

You can, of course, use these  Skull elements to create cloner arrays with the Radial or Linear cloner effects in Resolume Arena/Avenue, or place the skull elements in key places within your mapping setup.

The Holy Project File

You also get the holy Resolume Arena project that includes everything I just suggested above. A real time saver, it’s a great place to start as the clips are already arranged into columns and all you need to do is trigger the column to instantly get a beautiful composition. You can then trigger different clips on different layers to continue jamming and mixing to the beat.

Get It Before It Decays

These Skulls are really ancient and crumbling )) The Aztec Skull VJ clips will be available on Patreon until the 30th June 2022 only. Join today to receive this clip set as well as the former two clip sets of the Deity and the Calendar.