Art Deco VJ Pack Released

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Has been released! This Art-Deco pack is here to make your events more Glamorous, Spectacular & Luxurious.

Here it is in all it’s glory:

Art Deco Preview

Watch a preview showing the Art-Deco loops one after the other:

The Concept

We dove back to the Roaring ’20, An era of splendor and rapid changes in lifestyle and art. When the Art-Deco movement was happening it was called Art Modern and it was all about artistic experimentation and breaking the old rules. The stories tell of a time where people were spending enormous amounts of money and celebrating the advantages of modern life with it’s industrial manufacturing abundance and economic well-being. 

Today, the Art-Deco style is associated with glamour & luxury and is a popular theme for parties, events, weddings and yes, company events, too.

What's Inside

  • 44 VJ Clips
  • Bonus: 21 Element Clips
  • Bonus: 39 Alphabet Clips & After Effects Project

VJ Clips

44 VJ Clips are ready for you to just load them to your VJing software and start mixing.

Bonus Element Clips

21 Clips are here for you to manipulate them and create new clips and Mapping clips. These Clips are made with transparent boarder – so you could easily clone them, move them around & scale them down. This gives you a modular way of creating compositions.   

Bonus Alphabet Clips

We want you to be able to create texts in the Art-Deco style. This is why we created letter clips that can function as the building blocks for any messages. You also get an After Effects & Element3D Composition in case you are familiar with these. Read more about it in the Art-Deco Alphabet post.

60fps for a smoooth playback

You get the pack in both 60fps & 30fps. In case you are short on storage space use the 30fps as they weigh half the 60fps clips. 60fps clips will give a smoother playback and you can slow the clips down and still maintain a decent frame-rate.

Optional Resolume Compositions

We took the Art-Deco VJ Clips & Element Clips and created a composition that is ready for show. This composition is made of 4 layers: Background, Center, Sides& foreground. You can trigger a whole columns or mix by triggering clips in different layer and be certain that it will look absolutely fantastic. This can save you time and get you ready for your show in no-time. 

To get the composition choose Resolume Composition: Included when you purchase the pack.

Alright! I hope that by now you’ve downloaded the Free Stripe, Blades & Partitions Sample Loops, tested them out and was able to feel how elegant this pack is.

I hope that you’ve watched the Preview Video above, the Variations Tutorial & Tile Tutorial and that it helped you realize the abundance of looks that you can pull out of this pack.

Add the Art-Deco pack to your performance and start impressing your audience and clients by giving them a taste of an era full of Splendor and Magnificence

Amaze them!