Art Deco Bonus: Alphabet Clips

•• This is a Bonus you get with the Art-Deco pack •• 

Maintaining Visual consistency throughout the show is one of the marks of an experienced, professional VJ. When the event is based on a particular theme and this theme is threaded well: in Visuals, decoration, costumes etc., the audience gets a more enjoyable & memorable experience.

That’s why for the Art-Deco pack we are trying something new. We want to help you stay on-theme with everything you throw in – incl. the Texts / Names that you are projecting.

So here comes: Art-Deco Alphabet:

What's inside

In this Bonus you get 39 clips:

  • 26 letters A-Z
  • 10 Digits 0-9
  • 1 ‘&’ symbol
  • 2 Text Boxes
  • After Effects & Element3D Project File

How To Use It

You have three options, let’s start from the simplest one and on to the advanced one:

Option 01: You can add these Alphabet clips to your VJing Software, scale them down, position them in their respective places and build a word out of them. If you are using Resolume then each letter will have to be on a different layer. It means that if you have a long word/s it will require a lot of layers. So this might be a good option when you are already in the event and someone came up with a new message they want to put on the screens (this never happens, right?) In Resolume you could record the outcome and use it as a clip (but it won’t have transparency) 

Option 02: You can import these Alphabet Clips to an Editing Software, say Premiere Pro (any editing software will do). Scale them down, position them in their respective places and build a word/sentences out of them. Now Export the video (with Transparency) and load it in your VJing software. Easy. 

Option 03: You got an After Effects project right? If you are using After Effects along with the Element3D Plugin why not just open the project, replace the text (in the text layer that is already there) and export the composition into a clip (with transparency). This is the best way tbh, but it takes a bit more expertise/know how.  

Alright! We had to try out this Alphabet feature and see if it helps you make better shows. We’d love to hear your feedback once you used it: was it helpful? Was your client ecstatic once your pulls his message in such a beautiful on-theme way? Or maybe it was not useful and we can invest our time and create different bonuses next time? Would love to hear your feedback on this.