Arabian Nights VJ Pack Released

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At last! The Arabian Nights pack is here to take your audience on a mystical experience.

Drawing from beautiful Arabian Architecture – it adds a fantastic element to the mix with shadow lanterns hanging in mid-air, sacred fire casting shadows, moving geometric patterns and even some glowing interior and facade parts that light chase on the beat.

We present to you:

Arabian Nights Preview

Watch a preview showing the Arabian Nights’ VJ clips one after the other:

The Concept

The tales of “One Thousand and One Nights” or “Arabian Nights” have been fascinating audiences and have been the theme of countless events. Nowadays screens in events get larger and denser with every year and used as backdrops in theaters and events instead of the traditional decor. Our aim with this pack was to supply you with beautiful visual content that you could use as backdrops to create different scenes with great details in your events and practically turn your venue into a fantastic Arabian Nights tale in no time.

We took inspiration from classical Arabian Architecture with its use of domes, arches, pillars, arabesques, intricate geometric patterns and motifs. We added to it a game of lights & shadows by introducing shadow lamps hanging in mid-air and casting shadows and light rays into the scenes. We then took fire and let the shadows it creates fall gently on moving patterned walls and lattice niches. We also made a couple of clips with light-chases built into the scene, so you could play your “lights & shadows scenes” and just when people get used to them and think that that’s all you got (or when the music starts getting too intense), you bring-on your “light-chasing scenes” and have them flicker on the beat and light up your venue with great surprise to your audience.

What's Inside

  • 43 VJ Clips
  • 11 Element Clips with transparent background.

VJ Clips

43 VJ Clips are ready for you to just load them to your VJing software and start mixing.

Element Clips

11 Element Clips are made so you could create new clips and Mapping clips. They can be played as are or be applied with cloners and other effects, be scaled down & moved around – to allow you the freedom of adjusting your composition to the given screens in your venue.

Resolume Project Add-on

We took the Arabian Nights 43 VJ Clips & 11 Elements and created a composition with a lot of variations already made for you – so you could save time while preparing for your show.

To get the composition choose Resolume Composition: Included when you purchase the pack.

Yep, this pack was loooong time in the making, but now, finally, it can be yours to amaze your audience with. We hope it will do wonders for you and will push you further in your visual journey. Have a fantastic time with Arabian Nights and let’s keep on raising the bar on what a Live Visuals Performance can be ✌