Almanac Free VJ Loop

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We’ve got another Free VJ Loop for you, here’s a preview:

Forgotten Treasure

I often get curious and gotta try a new look. Sometimes it leads to a new concept for a VJ pack, but mostly not. Along the years I got a bunch of those that were just sitting there in the darkness of my hard drive.

Those loops wanted to see the light of screen. So, I decided to release the ones that pass my visual threshold and to give the ones that don’t pass a little push with the knowledge I accumulated since their creation.

The Creation Process

This Almanac VJ Loop was created in May 2016. I was testing how Element3D and the (at the time) new Saber plugin could possibly work together. 

The V shapes were created in Element3D using custom masks and the glowing lines with Saber. When I placed some of Saber’s lines, configured to Glow Distortion: Smoke, beneath the V shapes I got this smoky look where to me it looked as if the V shapes were cold and were releasing fog. I liked it.

I didn’t make any changes to the original loop. I did re-export it in DXV High settings to keep as much details as possible of that smoky smoke.   


1080p | 30 fps | 120 bpm

Amaze Them Crowds

That’s it folks! Go free this loop, make it shine on your LED screens and let it travel the world. It’s been in the darkness for too long. 

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