Free Loop Out Of The TEASE ME Pack

March 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We're giving away another, FullHD, Free Loop! This time a taste of the TEASE ME Pack. 

We've made this loop (and others) in the TEASE ME Pack, very easy to compose: you get a "Full Shot" - meaning the object is full and not cut in any way by the frame of the screen - making it very simple to be moved around in your composition, to jump on the rhythm (by scaling it up & Down with BPM sync), to be duplicated and stacked, one on top of the other - with different scales, etc...

As always, you get the loop in two codecs: Photo-jpeg (on black background) & DXV3 (incl. alpha channels)

If you are a Resolume user - we recommend trying out the DXV3 coded version - You'll gain a smoother playback and much more control over your blending modes - as the background is transparent. Seriously, VJing is getting nowadays more like compositing in a post-production software, with its qualities - only its LIVE. 

Download the loop Here & go wild! We'll always be happy to see how you are using the loops, so if you've got a video from a show, give us a shout! Send us an email Here.   

Get FREE Motion Loop sample from the sexiest vj loops pack by STVinMOTIONTease Me is a sensual vj loops set by STVinMOTION ! An amazing mix of real sense of sexuality with tender gleam of future!




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