CYBORGASM Motion Loops Pack Released On Resolume

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

CYBORGASM has just been released on Resolume's website, saying: "STV in Motion brings you very high quality abstract 3d graphics with a technological feel. What make it stand out is that he combines it with a concept. dare we say it? It's almost like telling a story." 

They sure got it all there in a nutshell... For me, a good DJ set unfolds a unique kind of story... Similar to a story, it has its start, middle & ending segments, it develops with time & is taking its listeners, the clubbers, to a voyage, one that in its end they will not be the same persons they were before. They got exposed to the DJ's story, his "inner world" and now they are part of it - and it is a part of them.

The VJ's set should be a voyage, too. It should have a start, middle & ending segments, it has to develop along the DJ's set, and in some way, to recreate that DJ's "inner world" in a visual way... This is where the concept kicks in - having a few concepts that correlate one with another to support a bigger theme - are building this visual "inner world", and telling its story.

Now, don't get me wrong, abstract visuals, just on their own, are fun & easy to play with, and can create some beautiful, eye pleasing, experiences. Its just that there are more dimensions that could be expressed when combining them with visuals that support a concept. It might be more challenging to mix them in the right way, (in order to create a narrative - the story) but when it happens, when the VJ set's look & feel supports the theme, successfully creating a visual "inner world" - this is gold. 

Watch the beautiful live mix they made for the launch:

Cyborgasm VJ Footage by STV in Motion from Resolume on Vimeo.


If you've been following this blog & receiving newsletters from us, you already got your chance to get a high resolution copy of the CYBORGASM pack, in a pre-sale & ahead of everybody else Here. Now you can get a copy in lower resolutions, too, on resolume's website Here.

Challenge yourselves!




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