OrnaMental's Tutorial - How To Prepare For a Live Show Using Resolume VJing Software

November 01, 2016  •  4 Comments

The OrnaMental pack has just been released and we have a special Tutorial to accompany your first steps with it!

In this Tutorial we'll learn how to prepare for a live show using the Resolume Vjing Software:

  • Understanding how to compose an appealing composition (00:45)
  • How to make some loops audio reactive (03:50)
  • How to create clip variations (04:50)
  • What affects can give us even more variations and different looks (12:15)

Prepare for your next vj gig! because preperation is half the battle won. Learn how to compose an appealing composition, make some loops audio reactive, create clip variations & add effects to receive a different look, all inside Resolume vj software for live visual show


Download the FFGL Drop Shadow Plugin for Windows or Mac.

Find your colors with Adobe Color

Purchase the OrnaMental pack Here

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Thanks for the feedback, Jeffo!
Captain Jeffo(non-registered)
Great, thank you very much .... super tutorial....
Thank you Matt! Glad you liked it!
Matt Widmann(non-registered)
Thanks so much for this pack and tutorial!
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