New Release! ORNAMENTAL Motion Loops Pack

November 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The ORNAMENTAL Motion Loops Pack had just been released!

Add some ethnic flavor to your sets - using elements & symbols such as: The Eye of Providence, YinYang, Hamsa, Seed of Life, Mandalas & more!

20 Seamless Loops | Up to 4K resolution |  30fps | Photo-jpeg on black background & DXV3 incl. alpha channels. Get the pack on our Shop.

the cover of the Ornamental motion loops pack, presenting varied elements in black and white textures. new release: Ornamental motion loops pack, incl. 20 seamless video loop clipsThis vj loops pack is inspired by sacred geometry, mandalas, ornamental tattoos and symbols. It contains 20 seamless video clips that are made to be played by VJs on musiv events

Watch a Demo Mix - Showcasing some of the composition that can be created when mixing ORNAMENTAL's loops. Video mix showcasing the Ornamental vj loops packThis video presents some of the visual combinations that can be achieved when mixing elements such a s the seed of life, hamsa, yinyang, eye of providence, mandalas etc. from the Ornamental vj loops pack by stvinmotion

We hope this pack will help you express yourself artistically in your VJing live sets. 

Dream on!


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