First Images Out Of The New VJ Loops Pack CYBORGASM

September 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Been fascinated lately with the idea of "Human Version 2.0", an enhanced human that will be equipped with all kinds of new technologies - enabling him to perform better than us, the "regular" humans... 

Some go to the extent, claiming the these v.2.0 humans will become some sort of "Gods" as they will posses God-like powers and will not be subjected to ageing or dying. Some say that we are about to create a totally new specie, the Cyber-Sapience.

Contemplating about these ideas, questions started to arise: what feelings will these God-like beings have? Not subjected to dying, will they still be spiritual beings like us? In what way will they effect on their surrounding environment? 

Then, images started to emerge: Pulses of energy going through the Cyborg's body, revealing its non-human structure. A meditating Cyborg-god with multiple arms (inspired by the Hindu mythology). Lotus flower in a Hi-Tech form, beaming and giving life, and many other... visual sparks.

Fast forward a few months, creating this new pack "CYBORGASM" has been a thrilling ride. Taking these sparks and fusing them with the EDM's beats, with pulses and gestures, with breaks and flow, with center story and side stories - making the separated vj loops relate one to the other, to create a Synergy (where the whole visual's pack is greater than the sum of its 30 loops) was like taking a voyage into the future. 

Here are some first images out of the new VJ loops pack CYBORGASM

Release date is set for the 6th October - so stay tuned!



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