First Free Loop From The Upcoming Release FUTURE TRIBE

April 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've been having a really good time lately, working on the new pack FUTURE TRIBE, exploring different looks and techniques - and kinda lost count... So while the next release is taking shape and form, it seems that it's going to be HUGE - with more than 60(!) Loops cooking-up already. 

I would like to share a first loop with you guys, I know how important it is to obtain loops in highest quality, to be able to play them and see how they mix & to feel the full quality of the textures, reflections and shadows.  

So here it is, In highest quality 1080p, of course & in two formats: Photo-Jpeg on black background & the new DXV 3 with Alpha Channels (that is: transparency).

I love being able to play with Alpha Channels - as it takes the live mix to another level of cleanliness & control, much closer to pre-edited studio qualities. Without the need to use blending modes in order to achieve some transparency (and probably loosing some details on the way) it's more liberating. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes one can create some funky unplanned looks when using blending modes, but having the loops with alpha channels gives you the freedom to choose your desired look - whether blended or just stirred ;)  

Download free loops of FUTURE TRIBE pack: Here 

Download the DXV3 Codec on Resolume's website: Here 

Planning on sharing some more loops as the pack builds-up, so stay tuned!


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