This Blog is about translating Music into Visuals, especially during a Live Visual Performance, preferably to the soundtrack of an excellent DJ set, and particularly on very big screens, otherwise known as VJing ;-)

Headbanging Robots Feel It When The Beat Drops!

April 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Fooling around with some test loops... I love it when Robots are so precise.

A Robot will never miss a beat... And will rock on, all night, without getting tiered. 

Aye Robot! 



There's a Giant Toy Robot on the Screens! Watch how a VJ Loops Pack is Starting up.

April 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I love Robots. When I was a kid I had a Toy Robot... I think. Or maybe I just wanted to have a Toy Robot? Anyways, now I have one.

It all started when I had a vision of a giant Toy Robot doing crazy stuff on a huge screen behind the DJ. You know, like dancing in a funny robotic way while throwing elbows allover, or doing some hard-core head-banging to the rhythm, or stomping along with the bass drum, you get the idea, right?

To sharpen up my memory I went over to Pinterest and started looking for Toy Robot images. I found quite a few: Japanese ones, Metallic or Plastic, Vintage, illustrated... you name it. (Watch the Pinterest board here) The pieces had started arranging in my mind: it had to have antennas on its head, a game-like console belly with lots of buttons, and the colors: they had to be strong, unrealistic in a way - to pop up from the screens and to work well with different club light setups.

I "cooked" the idea for some time in my mind... Imagining how it will look and what will it be capable of doing. And then, one day (it was raining) I was ready. I sat to the computer and started modeling, at first with just plain boxes, to get the proportions right. Then I  started adding the little details that add character. All along the first hour or so of the modeling, I had these moments of uncertainty: what the hell am I doing? It doesn't even look good. And why the hell would anyone be interested in a Giant Toy Robot? But discarding these inner voices is a learned trade. I know these voices are part of my inner resistance (learned from the excellent book The War Of Art) and that inner resistance symptoms are actually a good sign - I'm doing something that I really desire to do, something that is so important to my development as an artist and that if only I continue modelling, slowly but surely it will look better and better. And so it did.

I'm sharing with you some images of the modeling process. You might enjoy a "behind the scenes" look - to see how these visuals begin, or you might be trying to create visual content yourself - and struggling in the process (hearing inner voices, anyone?)

Enjoy! :) 

Vectorius Tutorial - How To Perform a Live Visual Show Using Resolume VJ Software

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Vectorius VJ loops pack has just been relaunched & we have a special tutorial to show you how to get the most out of it while mixing it live on Resolume VJ software.

In this tutorial we'll cover:

  • How to compose an appealing composition. (00:45)
  • How to create audio-reactive Accents. (03:45)
  • How to create clip variations using the Radial Cloner plugin. (06:40)
  • How to create clip variations using the Horizontal Cloner plugin. (10:15)
  • How to add further control over the clip's transform properties using the FrParameters plugin. (13:00)
  • How to easily apply stacked effects to any clip. (14:20)
  • How to tweak colors and add a glow effect. (17:20)


You can purchase the complete Vectorius pack Here.

Did you like this tutorial? Share it with your VJ friends & help pushing the VJ scene forward! 


The Vectorius VJ Loops Pack Has Just Been Relaunched!

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's (a)live! The Vectorius VJ Loops pack has just got a lot more colorful!

25 seamless loops | Up to 1080p resolution | 30 fps | Photo-Jpeg codec on black background or DXV codec on transparent background. Get the pack on our Shop.

Watch a Visual Demo Mix - showcasing Vectorius's loops and some of the compositions that can be created live.

Watch a Visual Demo Mix

You can download two sample loops for free on our Free Loops Collection


Another Free VJ Loop out of the Vectorius VJ Loops pack

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Another Free VJ Loop giveaway out of the Vectorius VJ Loops pack!

Download Vectorius_05, load it to your VJing software and get a sense of what the Vectorius pack can do for you. 

Video Preview As always, Full HD 1080p, in both Photo-Jpeg codec (Black Background, good for most VJ software) & DXV codec (Transparent Background, good for Resolume VJ software)  

Free VJ Loop out of the Upcoming Vectorius Relaunch

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Vectorius VJ Loops Pack will be relaunched next week - upgraded with a fantastic triad color scheme that will make it pop-out of any screen.

We're already giving-away a Free HD 1080 Loop: Vectorius_01 Just load it to your VJing software and see what tricks can it do for you ;-)

Video Preview


We're excited to tell that following the Tutorial we've made for the OrnaMental pack and the enthusiastic response we've got from you (thank you!), we're about to release another tutorial - this time showcasing some pretty funky stuff that can be done using Vectorius's loops.

Stay tuned!

Stage Design using the OrnaMental VJ Loops Pack Case Study

December 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Check out this beautiful Stage Design setup, sent to us by Karan Sharma from Stereo OUT GFX in India, layering the OrnaMental VJ Loops Pack in a sophisticated way.

Let's understand how this was composed: 

  • On top of the layer hierarchy is an arc-like layer, textured to imitate realistic stone. This layer is masking all the layers below it - making the screens look like they are gates - opening to a background.
  • Below that is an Ornamental layer that is pre-rendered to zoom-in endlessly.
  • Below that is an OrnaMental layer that is spinning without zooming.
  • The last layer is an OrnaMental layer pre-rendered to zoom-in endlessly.

Coloring the 2nd layer in Orange and the 3rd layer in Purple differentiates these layers against the stone-like gates by contrasting them. Leaving the last layer with its original white color creates another contrast from the back of the composition.

To give it all a last stereovision touch, a mirror effect is applied to the whole composition, making it a perfect symmetrical design.

It's always fun to see someone doing creative use of STVinMotion visuals, we hope this case study will aid & inspire you in doing creative designs yourselves. Send us pics & videos of creative designs you did and inspire others!

See other stage designs by Stereo OUT GFX on their Facebook page.

See other stage designs by various VJ's on our Shows page


Black Friday to Cyber Monday Super Sale is ON with 50 Percent Discounts on our Vj Loop Packs

November 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's that time of the year again! The best time to stock up some new content and amaze them crowds! 

We are offering a whopping 50% discount on ALL the VJ Loop Packs on our shop, so if you were eyeing some STVinMotion visuals - this is your glorious time!

Choose your packs, then use coupon BF50 on checkout to receive half the price. For 4 days only. Go!


OrnaMental's Tutorial - How To Prepare For a Live Show Using Resolume VJing Software

November 01, 2016  •  4 Comments

The OrnaMental pack has just been released and we have a special Tutorial to accompany your first steps with it!

In this Tutorial we'll learn how to prepare for a live show using the Resolume Vjing Software:

  • Understanding how to compose an appealing composition (00:45)
  • How to make some loops audio reactive (03:50)
  • How to create clip variations (04:50)
  • What affects can give us even more variations and different looks (12:15)

Prepare for your next vj gig! because preperation is half the battle won. Learn how to compose an appealing composition, make some loops audio reactive, create clip variations & add effects to receive a different look, all inside Resolume vj software for live visual show


Download the FFGL Drop Shadow Plugin for Windows or Mac.

Find your colors with Adobe Color

Purchase the OrnaMental pack Here

Questions? Feedback? Comment below...



Another Free Loop Out Of The ORNAMENTAL VJ Loops Pack

November 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We're giving away another free loop out of the ORNAMENTAL VJ Loops Pack!

Free loop #2 out of the ORNAMENTAL VJ Loops Pack Download this free loop - a real sample of the ORNAMENTAL pack and start using its unique look in your next vj gig!

Download OrnaMental_17 Here & start VJing with it right NOW!  

As always, 1080p in both Pjpeg (black background) & DXV3 (transparent alpha channels)

New Release! ORNAMENTAL Motion Loops Pack

November 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The ORNAMENTAL Motion Loops Pack had just been released!

Add some ethnic flavor to your sets - using elements & symbols such as: The Eye of Providence, YinYang, Hamsa, Seed of Life, Mandalas & more!

20 Seamless Loops | Up to 4K resolution |  30fps | Photo-jpeg on black background & DXV3 incl. alpha channels. Get the pack on our Shop.

the cover of the Ornamental motion loops pack, presenting varied elements in black and white textures. new release: Ornamental motion loops pack, incl. 20 seamless video loop clipsThis vj loops pack is inspired by sacred geometry, mandalas, ornamental tattoos and symbols. It contains 20 seamless video clips that are made to be played by VJs on musiv events

Watch a Demo Mix - Showcasing some of the composition that can be created when mixing ORNAMENTAL's loops. Video mix showcasing the Ornamental vj loops packThis video presents some of the visual combinations that can be achieved when mixing elements such a s the seed of life, hamsa, yinyang, eye of providence, mandalas etc. from the Ornamental vj loops pack by stvinmotion

We hope this pack will help you express yourself artistically in your VJing live sets. 

Dream on!

Free Loop Out Of The OrnaMental VJ Loops Pack

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

~ Give it away, give it away, give it away NOW!

We're giving away a free loop out the upcoming ORNAMENTAL VJ Loops Pack! Video Preview

Download OrnaMental_13 Here & start VJing with it right NOW!  

As always, 1080p in both Pjpeg (black background) & DXV3 (transparent alpha channels)

The Inspiration & First Images Of The Upcoming VJ Loops Pack ORNAMENTAL

October 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Inspiration for the upcoming ORNAMENTAL pack hit me when I saw a very detailed kind of art, the art of drawing with dots, sometimes called "Stippling" (examples) or, in broader context, "Pointillism" art. I was in awe of the dedication and determination one must have in order to set out on a journey to create a painting made out of thousands or more of... just dots. Something about the subtle shades that are created using this technique had drown my attention and captivated me.

Searching for more of this "stippling" art led me to the realms of Sacred Geometry, Mandalas & Ornamental Tattoos - all made out of dots - and from there it all ignited very rapidly: In my imagination, these 2D stippling drawings had converted into gentle texture on a 3D stone-like surface. Those subtle shades transformed to be natural ambient occlusion shadows in between the parts of a stone structure. A moving sculptor was born.   

The outcome, ORNAMENTAL, has no actual stippling art in it, but it all started out of fascination, and kept ongoing with a lot of passion, to this kind of look and expression.    

I've been using Pinterest to explore, find & save the images that kept me inspired while carving this pack, more about Pinterest in future posts, but for now, you can see some of these images in this Pinterest Board.  

Here are first images from ORNAMENTAL, enjoy them while we are getting ready for the upcoming release

Image of Eye of Providence inside a triangle in-between two Hamsa hands.Eye of Providence with two Hamsa hands.This pic is a part of the new vj loops pack OrnaMental. Fantastic, 3d quality, symbolism themed video pack is a "must have" in a Vj collection.


Two eye of providence mandalas are hiding a third mandala. Black and white on gray background. Eye of providence in a mandalas layoutJust a frame out of the vj loops pack ORNAMENTAL inspired by sacred geometry, tattoos, mandalas & symbolism. Hamsa ornamental symbol is in-between two flowers of life symbols. Black and white on gray background Hamsa & the flower of lifeJust a frame out of the vj loops pack ORNAMENTAL inspired by sacred geometry, tattoos, mandalas & symbolism. an extreme closeup on a 3D computer graphics mandala with exaggerated depth of field.  Black and white on gray background.3D mandala Close-up Just a frame out of the vj loops pack ORNAMENTAL inspired by sacred geometry, tattoos, mandalas & symbolism. Eye of providence mandala is shaded by a Crescent mandala, creating an interesting combination in black and white dark look.Eye of providence mandala with a Crescent mandala.Just a frame out of the vj loops pack ORNAMENTAL inspired by sacred geometry, tattoos, mandalas & symbolism. Yin and Yand symbol is spinning inside a circular mandala. black and white textures and a gray backgroundYinYang symbol inside a circle mandala arrayJust a frame out of the vj loops pack ORNAMENTAL inspired by sacred geometry, tattoos, mandalas & symbolism. Mandala made of flower like petals in black and whiteBlack & White Flower Mandala Just a frame out of the vj loops pack ORNAMENTAL inspired by sacred geometry, tattoos, mandalas & symbolism.







Release Date Of ORNAMENTAL Is Set!

October 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Release date of "ORNAMENTAL" is set for Tuesday, November 1st 2016!

Prepare your minds for a treat :) 

ORNAMENTAL New VJ Pack Sneak Peek

October 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A new VJ pack is coming out soon!

Watch this sneak-peek video, showing how I prepare the demo-mix for the launch.

Planing on making a tutorial as well - showing how to prepare a diverse deck for a show & what built-in effects work well with this particular look.    

Stay tuned!